Participated in Kisan Mela and also arranged KVK Banavasi exhibition stall in Mela (Millet and tomato value added products, cold pressed Groundnut oil, live samples of fodder crops etc) organized at ARS, Annatapuramu on 31-01-2023.


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KVK Banavasi exhibited fodder seeds, moringa seeds, value added products of tomato, chilli and millets in Vittana Mahotsavam 2023 on the occasion of 59th Foundation Day of ANGRAU at RARS, Lam on 12-06-2023.

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Programme Coordinator & Scientists, KVK, Banavasi participated in Kisan Mela held at ARS, Anantapuramu on 23-01-2024 and exhibited technologies like value addition to millets, tomato, fodder varieties and high yielding varieties of major crops in a stall.

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